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Master Tower
Master Tower 01
Master Tower



The range : MT 260 (260 t/h), MT 320 (320 t/h) | RAP: 100 % | Assembly/Transport: stationary |Main features: parallel drum, 1 burner

Master Tower is a new milestone in asphalt production. Using RAP and existing materials from pavements of worn road infrastructures, producing low-carbon mixtures (CO₂), and energy savings are hot topics for those who want to produce environmentally-friendly asphalt. 
Marini Master Tower has simplified asphalt mix production by optimising and rationalising the plant through gas recirculation and making the most of the energy introduced.
The result allows the production of new asphalt mixtures containing a percentage of recycled material up to 100%, recovering all the materials from existing road pavements.

MAIN CHARACTERISTICS: Re-burning of dangerous bitumen particles (MARINI PATENT), Up to 100% of RAP delivered at 160°C, thanks to special mechanical/manufacturing/design features of the asphalt plant (MARINI PATENT), 1 BURNER instead of 2 (MARINI PATENT)

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THE NEW CONCEPT MASTER TOWER: Environmental sustainability, technological innovation and improvements in energy consumption have led to the development of a new way of producing
The objectives are clear: to introduce on the market a new plant capable of reusing high percentages of RAP and not generating polluting emissions into the atmosphere, through an innovative and flexible new way to produce asphalt.
The MARINI MASTER TOWER represents a new milestone in hot mix asphalt production in terms of use of recycled materials, low emissions and low energy consumptions.


Master Tower


THINK ASPHALT PLANT DIFFERENTLY: The 2 dryers are placed above the mixer to prevent any possible sticking due to the hot recycled materials and with also the advantage to elevate always material at environment temperature.
The RAP materials exit from the RAP dryer at a minimum temperature of 160 °C allowing the operator to produce asphalt up to 100% RAP or in any case, to mix every kind of asphalt with high percentages of RAP without overheating of the virgin aggregates, saving energy and preserving the quality of the residual bitumen contained into the RAP.

NEXT LEVEL OF RAP TREATMENT: The RAP is dried and heated by the hot gases coming from the virgin aggregates drum. The use of hot gases avoids both the contact between the flame of the burner and the recycled material and the direct radiation of the flame on the RAP, limiting in this way the picks of temperature during the heating process of the recycled material.
Thanks to an innovative system for the fumes management, all the particles as well as blue smokes can be sent back to the virgin dryer drum and introduced just behind the flame of the burner. This process helps to decrease drastically the emissions and smells into the atmosphere.


Master Tower


NEW GENERATION DRYING PROCESS: all traditional technologies available in the market are based on the use of a dual dryer system, each one fitted with its own burner. It goes without saying that the dual dryer operation is high energy consuming, exceeding the limits fixed by international regulations and leading not only to significant consumption of both fuel and electricity but also to high emissions into the atmosphere.
Our innovative solution consists of the simplification of the parts that generate heat, with the use of a single burner to supply the energy used to heat up the virgin materials in the first drum, and then depending on the mix to be produced, to transfer the needed quantity of heat to the second drum that process only RAP material.


Complete solution for the management of batch asphalt plants:
The system offer an automatic control of all the operations of the whole plant according to a series of programmed instructions, leaving however the operator the possibility to take decisions and to modify some process parameters.



  • Automatic temperature control of aggregates or RAP
  • Automatic control of burner capacity and automatic optimization system for high efficiency anf for low consumption and emissions
  • Automatic control of gas recirculation and re-burning of fumes
  • Automatic control of temperature from virgin to RAP dryer





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