MARINI is a forward-looking company, with branch offices on all continents. Through its interaction with different cultures and different ways of working, it has widened its experience and know-how. 

Team work is the real force behind all MARINI operations and is based on the common values of: COMMITMENT, HONESTY and INNOVATION.



Our dedicated teams work closely with our clients from the first commercial contacts right through the entire working life of the asphalt plant, offering solutions and constant support. Tangible proof of this reliable relationship is demonstrated by the clients themselves, who return to MARINI for second purchases, upgrading / retrofitting and consultancy work. MARINI is not just committed to the present, but builds on the experience of its past to prepare for the future – with constant generational change, continual investment in production departments and staff training for MARINI employees and all its sales network. MARINI even offers specially created courses for its clients. The MARINI philosophy is aimed at pragmatic preparation for the challenges of the future.


The focal point of MARINI’s policy is customer satisfaction and the only way to reach this objective is through integrity, transparency and understanding. In our modern global world, we often find ourselves working in many different environments with various local customs and traditions to consider. However, whatever and wherever the situation, the constant factor that governs all relationships for MARINI, both professional and personal, is the time-honored concept of HONESTY. Building interpersonal relationships, valuing its workforce and maintaining privileged relations with its clients are recognized commitments of the FAYAT Group.


Research and development lie at the foundation of the MARINI company and careful attention is paid to both the evolution of its asphalt plants but also to the environment, the reduction of CO2 emissions, energy savings, warm asphaltproduction and recycling solutions. MARINI can offer many solutions so that its clients can work in a safe, professional and profitable way.