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Range: CT 240 (240 t/h), CT 320 (320 t/h), CT400 (400 t/h) | RAP: 80% | Assembly/Transport: stationary | Main features: 1 or 2 dryer drums, 1 or 2 burners

MARINI’s CLASS TOWER asphalt-production plants ensure a finished product of the highest quality. All components have been designed to guarantee high performance with low energy consumption and emissions in compliance with the strictest regulations.  
With production up to 400 t/h, hot aggregate storage capacity up to 200 t, and mixer capacity up to 6,000 kg, the plant layout can be designed to meet every need, from the traditional solution with dryer and filter on the ground to the configuration with filter above the dryer.
This plant provides a wide range of technologies to produce asphalt with very high RAP percentages.

KEY FEATURES: the fume treatment system: AeroFILTER;  the fume heat treatment system: EvoDRYER; recycling in a parallele drum: the ERAC technology; customization: a customised plant to meet the most demanding requests

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CLASS TOWER: The asphalt plants of the CLASS TOWER Marini range ensure a high quality finished product. All components have been developed to guarantee high performance with low consumption and emissions. The system is totally configurable according to the needs of each customer in order to allow total production flexibility.

ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES: Regard for the environment is essential in our society. MARINI is especially sensitive to eco friendliness, which can be seen in the development of their new fumes treatment system (capturing, filtering and heat treatment).
The new EvoDRYER and the AeroFILTER are only few of the new proposals together with the WMA technology which can be fitted at any time.



RECYCLING SOLUTION: The MARINI ERAC (acronym of "Essiccatore Riciclato con Aria Calda" - RAP dryer with hot air) takes into account the fact that many customers are looking for achievement of a RAP proportion up to 100%.
The challenge here is to bring the RAP material to the processing temperature of 160°C while keeping emission levels within the normal range and taking care not to burn the bitumen.
In order to achieve even higher RAP material rates while minimizing the level of emissions, there is only one way already developed and installed by MARINI more than 30 years ago: heating the RAP material in the counterflow, which results in higher material and lower exhaust gas temperatures.




FLEXIBILITY: Fully customizable drying and filtering unit according to customer needs.
Possibility to either position the filter above the dryer drum (less thermal loss and better heating of recovered fines) or to have the filter on the ground.
The configuration with the filter on the ground allows combining any type of filter with any type of dryer drum ensuring the maximum flexibility of product configuration.
With both configurations, the chimney is positioned in the uppermost position without the need for burdensome civil works.

NEW SOFTWARE: The system offers an automatic control of all the operations of the whole plant according to a series of programmed instructions, leaving however the operator the possibility to modify process parameters.
New software with energy control:
• Control system on double screen (Opt.)
• Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) for simple and immediate identification of possible errors in the process
• Innovative and easy-to-understand graphical design with real-time system visualization
• Remote WEB access by MARINI

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