MARINI organization

The Marini company, founded in 1899, proudly boasts a ’history which has witnessed an entire century’. It has lived through a variety of historical periods, during which it has evolved and widened its production: from bicycles and motorbikes to road building machinery (paver finishers, milling machines, road maintenance equipment) to finally arrive at the production of asphalt plants, which helped spread the name of MARINI throughout the world.
From 1988 onwards, the company has been part of the Fayat Group and placed in a strategic position in the industrial growth projects of the French Group. Its managers have always operated independently, while greatly benefitting from the financial solidity and international vision which the Road Building Equipment Division is able to offer.

Luca Camprini


Luca Camprini
Member of the Fayat Group since October 2013, Luca Camprini is Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing of the Fayat Mixing Plants division, a global leader for the continuous and discontinuous asphalt production. 

Former Marini General Manager, prior to this Plant Manager of the Marini plants division, resting on a solid career in the industrial sector of automatic machines construction and packaging systems.