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MARINI invests continuously in the development of its products, with the aim to not only increase our competitiveness and to improve our product and service quality, but above all to boost our clients’ competitive advantages on their own markets.

rap asphalt recycling
How to use RAP to obtain a mixture which has the same quality as the traditional mix and manages the emissions produced by the plant
Warm Mix Asphalt
Enrobés tièdes
Most commonly produced at 30°C below Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) temperatures, the Warm Mix Asphalt are an alternative to traditional hot-mix techniques
Marini Endurance
Marini endurance
In order to reduce the wear on the surface of the plant components, which are submitted to considerable mechanical and chemical degradation at high temperatures, we recommend that our clients use MARINI ENDURANCE special anti-wear sheet-plating. The result is longer lasting plants, with consequent reductions in the costs of maintenance and repairs.
Energy savings
Energy saveing
Asphalt plant energy saving is a fundamental issue
ZEROVOC - The reduction of atmospheric emissions
stack emissioni
Types of pollution and methods of reducing emissions
CONTINUOUS vs BATCH PLANTS: making the right choice!
discontinui continui asfalto big
make the right choice!
asphalt plant quality
Commitment to Quality leadership
safety asphalt plant
Safety in asphalt plants: Marini strives for the best!
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