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Continuous Plants

FAYAT Group supplies a complete range of continuous asphalt plants, mobile, transferable and stationary types, with the MARINI-ERMONT brand

What are the Continuous Asphalt Plants?
Continuous asphalt plants are named like this because there is no interruption in the process of asphalt production. Unlike batch-type plants, the mixing of aggregates, filler and bitumen takes place in the dryer drum. For this reason the drum, which is considerably longer than a batch-plant drum, takes the name of drum-mixer.
The revolutionary feature of this technology is that the simplicity and economy of the dryer-drum is able to guarantee a high level of performance and high quality of the finished product, providing that accurate checks of the raw materials are made.
There are two different types of continuous plants: the parallel flow drum-mixer (the simplest and least expensive plants) and the counter-flow plants, more efficient from a heat-exchange point of view.
As in traditional plants, the asphalt produced in the dryer-mixer drum is then fed into storage silos, for later discharge onto trucks and transport to the road working site.

To know more, visit the MARINI-ERMONT website clicking on the logo below.

Continuous aphalt plants


RM 120 Allroad


RF 300 Neo


RB 160


RF 300 Neo


RF 160 Neo

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