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When it comes to Racetrack Engineering, Asphaltech is at its BEST!

In early 2019, Asphaltech (Australia) was the successful bidder to resurface the Barbagallo Racetrack for the Western Australian Sporting Car Club (WASCC) in Wanneroo, with a specially designed Asphaltech 7mm Stone Mastic Asphalt (known as SMA).
Barbagallo Racetrack

Top Tower 2500 and the SMA

The Barbagallo Racetrack is the FIRST RACETRACK IN AUSTRALIA to be resurfaced with SMA.
Asphaltech Group’s Managing Director, Tony Tufilli, says that the 7mm SMA product has proven worldwide excellence for surface texture and skid resistance - providing a more durable, consistent high-grip surface and longer service life expectance for the racetrack.
This decision was also made based on Asphaltech’s confidence in their accumulated experience of sophisticated SMA manufacture and placement of over 1 million tonnes over the past twenty years in WA
Mr Tony Tufilli, Asphaltech Group’s Managing Director
of specially designed 7mm SMA

new State of the Art asphalt plant

Producing the high standard specially designed 7mm SMA was one of the first tests for Asphaltech’s new State of the Art asphalt plant, supplied by MARINI, provided a high production capacity combined with reduced energy consumption.
Barbagallo Race Track

the Barbagallo Race Track: the FASTEST and SAFEST racetrack in Australia

The results of Asphaltech’s innovative works for the Race Track attracted media attention, where Asphaltech’s special SMA and its unique surface texture was featured on news channels across the state.
The races demonstrated that the grip between the Super V8 Racing car tyres and the surface texture of the SMA was incredibly high, which has made the Barbagallo Race Track the FASTEST and SAFEST racetrack in Australia.
Top Tower 2500

Asphaltech’s New Top Tower 2500

Asphaltech’s Board decided to replace the 20-year-old, well maintained 60 t/h asphalt plant at the Malaga premises. After extensive research and a visit to Europe, it was determined that Marini’s high-end 200 t/h Top Tower 2500 was the best replacement.

The new Top Tower 2500 has been designed for modern asphalt production technologies, including Warm Mix Asphalt, SMA and RAP recycling with high percentages and energy saving.
RAP recycling system

RAP recycling system

In particular, Asphaltech’s Top Tower 2500 plant is equipped with the latest generation of RAP recycling system. Designed to inject RAP either directly into the mixer or potentially through Drum Dryer collar, Asphaltech is able to produce hot mix asphalt with up to 70% RAP, without negatively influencing the quality of the produced asphalt mix.

Asphaltech’s Production Engineer, Ryan Huan, was particularly impressed with the option of this new plant having the capability of introducing RAP into the drum dryer collar, which enables the RAP material to be heated to 90-100°C.
Going forward, this option will be very important to use heated RAP in asphalt mixes, producing a partially recycled asphalt mix whilst maintaining high quality. This option supports Asphaltech’s innovation in sustainable asphalt mix design.
Mr Ryan Huan, Asphaltech’s Production Engineer

The innovative engineering of the plant’s drying and filtering system

modern design of Top Tower 2500

The innovative and modern design of Top Tower 2500 asphalt plant

Considering the high production of 200 t/h, there are many options including the RAP recycling into the drum dryer collar, RAP recycling into the mixer, warm mix asphalt, asphalt silo up to 300 t, liquid additive injection systems, fiber dosing systems and many more. The Marini Top Tower 2500 asphalt plant can be transported inside standard 40’ HC containers, allowing significant savings in transport costs.

The innovative and modern design of Asphaltech’s Top Tower 2500 asphalt plant immediately attracted the attention of other major Australian asphalt companies.

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