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The road towards future asphalt plants

The road towards future asphalt plants” is the name of the convention held by the MARINI company on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th of June at the new Training Academy, which has been set up at the MARINI production site in Alfonsine, where training courses and technical seminars are held for both company staff and clients.



This technical meeting, carried out in conjunction with SITEB  (Italian Association Bitumen, Asphalt, Roads), was attended by around 70 Italian customers and was considered successful both because of the technical content and the high level presentations of the speakers. Friday’s session was followed by a pleasant gala evening, before the workshop resumed and the informal closing speeches took place on Saturday morning.

On the first day, the main theme of Recycled Asphalt Pavement was examined from the technical, legal, environmental and economic points of view.

Presentations were made by speakers: Ferrini (Product Marketing) with data and statistics on RAP throughout the world, Ravaioli (SITEB Manager) on the framework of regulations and environmental considerations, Picariello (PAVENCO CEO) on mix design and technical characteristics, Todde (Product Management) on innovative asphalt plant technologies, Ferrari (ALPIASFALT) with case histories and direct testimonials, Bocci (Polytechnic of the Marche) on material behaviour behaviour at high temperatures. In the afternoon, following a guided tour of the production areas of MARINI (asphalt plants) and BOMAG Alfonsine (paver finishers) training recommenced with presentations made by speakers: Mariotti (Area sales manager) on environmental impact, Ardenti (SINECO Environment manager) on odoriferous emissions, Pirazzini (Technical Manager) with solutions for impact reduction and, once more, Houdayer (SAE) on the employment of cold mix asphalt and Ferrini who concluded the session with a presentation on warm mix asphalt and patented innovations.

technical convention MARINI_2016

The high technical level of speeches was well appreciated by all participants and it will be followed by other similar events. Stay tuned!

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