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Be Tower 2500 erected in Colombia

We couldn’t help but notice the LinkedIn post (well liked!) of Francisco Gnecco, Vice President of Infraestructura y Concesiones en Constructora Colpatria SA regarding the installation of the Marini Be Tower in Colombia for asphalt production on the Villavicencio - Yopal Motorway.

We have asked him several questions regarding the project and this is his response:

Linkedin BE TOWER 2500

We are very pleased with Marini. We studied other major brands, and Marini made us the best offer in terms of Benefit/Cost ratio, defeating even some brands that we currently own.
Marini is offering us state of the art technology, excellent crafting and a fantastic client experience, both from the company and its dealer in Colombia.
We are specially surprised for the exquisite craftsmanship of the plant and its parts have. It is like having a Lamborghini or an Alfa Romeo.
Francisco Gnecco, Vice President of “Infraestructura y Concesiones en Constructora Colpatria SA”
BE TOWER 2500 Colombia

Could you tell us about the production site? Where are you installing the Be Tower?

Our new Marini plant is being installed in the road that goes between Villavicencio and Yopal, right where the “llanos orientales” begins. This region is a very long plain, a countryside, where our Colombian “Cowboys” live. This region is located on the oriental part of the Andes mountains. Climate is very hot all year long, but we do have a 4 month rainy season.
for 120 km of road

What are your production needs?

We are rehabilitating and widening the current road between this two cities (Villavicencio e Yopal) and this plant will serve 120 km of the road. The contract is to be developed in 30 months, and we expect to produce 500.000 tons of asphalt pavement, at a rate of 17.000 tons per month.

autostrada Villavicencio - Yopal


Constructora Colpatria

Constructora Colpatria is a large construction company, part of a diversified financial group. We are among the 3 largest construction companies in Colombia, with presence in Peru and Mexico. The company has a real estate development area, and an infrastructure area, that is involved in BOOT projects, mainly in transportation projects.

We are involved in 5 concessions, and we also act as EPC contractors for other concessionaires. We currently own 4 asphalt plants.

Colombia is shifting from continuous plants, to batch type. This Marini is the last one we bought.
Francisco Gnecco, Vice President of “Infraestructura y Concesiones en Constructora Colpatria SA”

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