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Joining Marini and becoming part of the Fayat group means embarking on a joint adventure with people-oriented companies which form part of an International group. Our branches encourage independence and a sense of responsibility, thanks to a decentralized management based on a relationship of trust. The growth and range of our activities means that we can offer concrete advancement prospects, not to speak of our in-house training and sharing of work experiences. This is how we intend to grow together.
Clément Fayat, founder of the Fayat Group
Clément Fayat, fondatore del Gruppo Fayat
Would you like to invest your capabilities, experiences and passions in a dynamic international job? The opportunity is waiting for you in Marini. This people-friendly company forms part of a well-founded industrial group, inserted into a multicultural context. Be enticed by Marini’s offer of various career directions and professional development.