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Training, professional development and interlinking within the community: the basis of company success.

Since Marini is aware of the increasing importance of the link between the world of training, research and company development, it has continued to invest and inject new resources in this direction. The cooperation and synergy which has grown up over the years with Confindustria (Federation of Italian Industry) in the Romagna region has resulted in the creation of several new training courses for young job seekers.


On 9th March Marini hosted around 20 students as part of a high school technical course, organised by Il Sesante Romagna, aimed at training ‘Technicians in Production and Logistic Programming’, capable of planning and managing production systems, monitoring and programming supplies and warehouse management, organising shipments, with an aim of reducing costs while still increasing environmental sustainability.

The students were accompanied by Stefano Grismondi, President of Il Sesante Romagna, and Andrea Bardi, President of the ITL Foundation (Institute of Transport and Logistics) who is a partner in the project.

Their impressions can be seen in this video:


The first stage of the meeting took place at the Marini Bomag Academy. It was presented by engineers Daniele Rambelli, head of Marini asphalt plant production, and Claudio Zanelli, head of Bomag road machinery production. The session concentrated on several macro issues of great interest, such as industrial automation, mechanical programming and logistics.

Later on in the morning, the students toured the factory to see for themselves the areas dedicated to the various stages of plant and machinery production, and witness at first hand the working operations, production processes and logistics involved.

Some numbers…

Marini is fully aware of the importance of working together with educational institutes.
In the last three years has welcomed 67 students on work experience programmes and technical courses, for a total of 11,000 project hours, involving 109 company tutors and 12 secondary schools. Since January 2017, 20 young students have taken part in work experience programmes at Marini and have gained valuable experience in all aspects of the production.

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