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Marini wins award for “Work and Human Resources” at Excelsa 2017

On 14th November the concluding ceremony of Confindustria Excelsa Romagna 2017 was celebrated, an initiative intended to highlight excellence in the main industrial business sectors in the Romagna area. In the words of Paolo Maggioli, the President of Confindustria Romagna: “This is a concrete demonstration to recognize and promote the merits of the people who are personally involved in creating and promoting business values on a daily basis. People who provide stimulating examples to us all!”

The award ceremony, presided over by the Rector of the Bologna University Alma Mater Studiorum, Francesco Ubertini, and judged by an independent panel of representatives including the City Authorities, University, Research Centres and Specialists in the field. “It is an honour to head the panel and award distinctions for business excellence in the area of Romagna”, commented the Rector.

“Innovation, Study and Research are key words in today’s business world which cannot ignore the transformation and change in contemporary society”.

Excelsa prizes were awarded in the following five categories: Environment and Safety, Communication/Marketing, Innovation, International Relations, Work and Human Resources. Further special categories include: Under 40s, Women at Work, Society and Culture.



Marini SpA was awarded the prize for “Work and Human Resources” with the following mention: “The Company has increased its workforce by using various contractual formulas, valorising both professional training and company welfare”.

The award was received by Luca Camprini, General Manager and CEO of Marini SpA (Plant and Machinery Divisions)

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