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A “jump” in Australia

Did you know that Italian is the second most spoken language in Australian homes and that the Italo-Australian dialect is considered to be a language to all effects and purposes? So-called Italian Australians represent the fourth largest ethnic group on Australian soil, being either first generation immigrants or native Australians with Italian descent.

Italians form a very active community in numerous cities, particularly in Sydney, where every year 125,000 people converge on Little Italy to celebrate the Norton Street Italian Fest, which overflows with stands offering typical Italian products. Here you can see culinary demonstrations performed by acclaimed chefs from Italy or lesser known family members from local neighbourhoods, as well as the largest collection of Italian vintage cars.

Sydney is also where you can see Italian technology at work, with the success of Marini asphalt plants. Suffice it to think that almost 1 million tons of asphalt are produced each year by Marini plants in the Sydney area.

The first sale was made in 2001 and since then the same client has purchased a further three plants. Negotiations are presently underway for other Marini machinery – a testament to satisfaction.

In just the last six months Marini has sold four plants in Australia, which will operate in the Sydney area (a Top Tower 4000 and an Xpress 2500), in Brisbane (Top Tower 3000) and Perth (Top Tower 2500). The sale of these four asphalt plants is the confirmation that Marini is at present the Number One brand in Australia.

What makes Marini stand out from its competitors is mainly the innovative design they have come up with for the Xpress 2500 plant together with the efficiency and performance of the Top Tower range.

Nowadays the Xpress 2500 is the only plant on the market which can offer all the following features at the same time:

  • Hyper-mobility: the plant is erected without a crane and the various plant modules are wired up with plugs and sockets
  • Performance: typical of a high range 200 tph stationary plant:
    • all main plant components (mixer, screen, dryer and filter) are identical to Top Tower plant range
    • warm recycling (recycling ring) and cold recycling (into mixer)
    • accessibility to maintenance points identical to high range stationary plant
  • Conformity with Australian laws regarding road circulation, particularly axle load regulations.

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