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Spare parts catalogue

You can access on line, at any time, information regarding searches for and supply of spare parts

Tablet for Spare Parts

Spare parts catalogue

With the aim of quickly answering customers’s requests, MARINI has designed a portal dedicated to the spare parts catalogue. You can access on line, at any time, information regarding searches for and supply of spare parts.

How to access the spare parts portal

At present the service is available only for plants purchased after 2013.
To use the service you just have to log into the reserved area with your password.
To request new access credentials and to manage existing credentials, please email the following address:
If your plant has been purchased prior to this date, you can request documents by completing the form “spares catalogue request”.

Tablet for Spare Parts

The advantages of the online catalogue

The functions of the MARINI portal are constantly being updated and expanded, in order to supply the user with the latest information.
The online spares catalogue offers the following advantages:

easy access;
immediate information: when selecting the component you indicate the line of the code and the identifying number in the image; you can consult documents in pdf format directly from the catalogue, which can give you specific information about your component;
possibility to select the names of the spare parts from several languages;
cost reduction and error limitation, thanks to unequivocal parts identification and compilation of offer request.


The electric components not shown in the spares catalogue can only be requested as spare parts by consulting the specific electrical cards. The drawings of spare parts are only indicative and do not represent the parts in question. The data contained in this catalogue is indicative and can be subject to modification at MARINI’s discretion.

Support for portal use

Contact us by email for assistance at: We are interested in having feed back on this service and we invite you to send us your comments and suggestions. Help us improve!

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