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Safety policy

MARINI SpA is a leading company, in the domestic and international market, in the production of plants for bituminous conglomerates, asphalt pavers and cold cutters, with installation and after-sales assistance to the customer.

MARINI SpA intends to define a safety policy able to direct its primary objective, which is to protect workers and all interested parties working on behalf of MARINI SpA.

By ensuring the availability of human, capital and economic resources, MARINI SpA Company Management undertakes to pursue its objectives to continuously improve the health and safety of its workers, as an integral part of its business and as a strategic commitment with respect to the company’s more general objectives.

The organisation is also well aware that the health, safety and psycho-physical well-being of its workers, and those of external companies operating on behalf of the organisation on which the activity could impact, are indispensable resources for carrying out the aims of the business and that they deserve commitment and attention for their continued integrity over time.

For this purpose, MARINI SPA has implemented and maintains an OH&S policy in compliance with the standard ISO 45001: 18, inspired by the “risk-based thinking” principle and which takes into account risks and opportunities in order to increase the likelihood of achieving the targets and meeting the expectations of the stakeholders, within the context in which the organisation carries out its activities; all the outsourced works, contractors and companies, according to their roles and skills, are required to contribute to the achievement of the established health and safety objectives.

MARINI SPA undertakes to make adequate resources available for the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety performance, ensuring that:

  • the entire company structure contributes, in accordance with their duties and skills, to achieving the safety objectives set forth;

  • workers’ Health and Safety Prevention measures are implemented, with the priority of eliminating the Risks present in the workplace, using the HIERARCHY OF CONTROLS according to the standard UNI ISO 45001;

  • the constant availability and desire for continuous improvement and prevention;
  • objectives for innovation and continuous improvement of the performance of the Workplace Safety Management System are identified and pursued;

  • the Consultation and Participation of the workers is promoted and encouraged, also through their Representatives, concerning the development, planning, implementation, assessment and improvement of the actions for the improvement of the OH&S policy;

  • the necessary human and capital resources are supplied;
  • all current laws and regulations are respected, procedures formulated and individual company standards complied with;

  • all work activities are managed with a view towards preventing accidents, injury and occupational diseases;

  • all workers are trained, informed, with specific reference to the role they cover, made aware of the need to carry out their tasks in safe conditions and assume their responsibilities for workplace health and safety;

  • workplaces, operating methods and organisational aspects are developed in such a way as to protect the health of workers, company assets, third parties and the community in which the company operates;

  • a prompt, efficient and diligent approach to all needs that may arise during the course of work activities;

  • efficient communication is established with all personnel and all worker representatives;

  • the coordination and publication of safety plans containing measures and procedures designed to prevent accidental or emergency situations, and to contain the effects, both in the plant and during assembly and maintenance activities carried out externally at client premises;

  • a continuous open dialogue with suppliers, obliging them to behave in a manner coherent with this policy and with local supervisory authorities/bodies;

  • checks, inspections and audits are carried out to identify and prevent any situations that do not conform with the management system requirements;

  • it encourages, both internally and with its suppliers and clients, a sensitivity to the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases through training and communication, also in order to prevent the crimes provided by art. 25 septies of Legislative Decree 231/01;

  • this policy is maintained in line with company practices and the company’s technical-structural-organisational evolution, through the periodic annual review of the same.