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"TecnologicaMente" project meets Marini

On 13 November 2018, on the occasion of the V edition of the Technical Culture Festival, MARINI was one of the companies taking part in the “TecnologicaMente” project, financed by the Ministry of Education as part of the National Operations Plan PON FSE 2014-2020 with European Social Funding.

"TecnologicaMente" project meets Marini

Training Marini

The goals

The project is a “Work Scheme of Excellence” of the Professional Training Centre in Lugo, Ravenna, with the aim of providing the students with a sense of global orientation by increasing their knowledge of the global interconnections of the work market and raising their awareness regarding choices on both a local and global scale.
Marini Training

The training session

In June 2018 MARINI hosted 24 students in training sessions, research projects and practical work programmes over a 3-week time span, providing the opportunity to work/develop ideas and projects with the back-up and cooperation of specialist teachers.

For one week the students took part in a morning training programme with MARINI BOMAG managers on various topics of general interest such as marketing, personnel management, production and logistics, client training, maintenance and safety on the work site. In the afternoon, divided into 4 work groups, the students developed a layout project for paver finisher seating, choosing whether to concentrate on its  design or improving the seat movement. This project enabled the students to perform team work, putting their knowledge to the service of the group in order to reach a common goal. The rest of the time saw the students involved in the company’s workshops in a real hands-on work experience. To conclude the event, a visit to the MARINI asphalt plant in Bosco Mesola (Ferrara) was organized.

A truly engaging experience which provided food for thought for everybody involved in the project. It is hoped that this cooperation between school and workplace will continue in the future.

"TecnologicaMente" project meets Marini

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