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Marini plants are proliferating in Ukraine

Ukraine continues to be a lighthouse market for Marini. Since 2016, three stationary (Top Tower series) and one mobile (Xpress series) asphalt plants have been sold to one of the pioneer companies in the Ukraine’s road construction industry – Avtomagistral JSC -.

Top Tower 3000 Asphalt Plant – Lviv - Avtomagistral

Top Tower 3000 Asphalt Plant – Lviv – Avtomagistral

In addition, another 3 asphalt plants have been acquired by other Turkish companies which have accomplished successfully projects in Ukraine’s road building and infrastructure sector. Above said result has been leading Marini to an advanced position in the Ukrainian road building sector.

Majority of above mentioned asphalt plants are presently working in worksites nearby main cities in Ukraine such as Lviv, Dnipro, Odessa and Kiev where they provide asphalt to large-scale projects.

Ukraine’s infrastructure and road network is developing day by day and there are multiple road construction projects ranging from small-scale to medium-scale size.


Xpress Super Mobile Asphalt Plant - Lviv - Avtomagistral

Xpress Super Mobile Asphalt Plant – Lviv – Avtomagistral

It is not surprising that a well-established company like Avtomagistral has chosen the Xpress 2500 Super Mobile Asphalt Plant for its top-projects thanks to its features of mobility, enhanced flexibility, and 200 t/h capacity as well as self-erecting hydraulic system.

Xpress’s main unit is positioned on a wheel-mounted chassis, which allows it to be transported easily. These qualifications of Xpress makes it the best suitable solution when you have many project to be completed in a short time.

Top Tower 3000 Asphalt Plant - Lviv - Onur Insaat A.S.

Top Tower 3000 Asphalt Plant – Lviv – Onur Insaat A.S.

MARINI and Avtomagistral’s mutual partnership since 2016 is consolidated even more with two additional orders for TOP TOWER 3000 already in the pipe, in order to serve the surroundings of Dnipro and Kiev with top quality asphalt and lay down its way towards a bright future.

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