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Bringing new life to HE-DO’s plants in Hungary

Increased capacity of the hot storage mix by addition of two extra 35 m3 storage units on two MARINI plants from 2006 and 2008.
New foam bitumen system for warm asphalt on the 2008 MARINI plant.

The company HE-DO is one of the main construction companies in Hungary and has been a MARINI customer for more than 10 years, thanks to the professionalism and dedication of STA ASZFALT-TECH, the local MARINI distributor.

Thanks to the better economic environment that Hungary enjoyed over the last couple of years, HE-DO got the opportunity to expand its construction business and expressed the wish to improve the performance of two MARINI asphalt plants from the years 2006 and 2008.

After the necessary visits of the job sites by the MARINI engineers and the STA technicians, a technical solution has been developed to increase the hot storage capacity of both plants by adding two extra 35 m3 storage units into each one of them.

Moreover on one MARINI plant the new foam bitumen system has been installed, in order to prepare the plant for the technology of warm asphalt and higher recycling percentages.

The installations of the asphalt plants upgrades have been successfully performed by STA ASZFALT-TECH during 2018, taking particular care to minimize the days of inactivity of the two plants due to the installation process.

And now HE-DO is again planning further upgrades of the MARINI plants, particularly new recycling lines capable of increasing the use of RAP during hot-mix production and new high-efficiency bitumen tanks capable of improving the overall energy efficiency.
These new further upgrades are planned at the beginning of 2019 to guarantee the best possible features for HE-DO during next 2019 season.

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