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The BE TOWER for Moldova

A modern Marini asphalt production plant, the BE TOWER 2500, was inaugurated on 4th June 2019 in Cimișlia (Republic of Moldova).

Marini BE TOWER 2500 in Moldova

BT 2500


Thanks to a project funded by the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction & Development), as part of a government plan for the renewal of existing infrastructures, the company SC Irinda Prima decided to invest in the purchase of a new plant to replace their older Soviet one.

The BE TOWER was selected for its reliability and production capacity, given the expected annual production rate of 100,000 tonnes: the plant supplies construction sites forming part of the “Buone Strade” (Good Roads) project, as well as other road works in nearby areas.

One of the stand-out features of the plant installed in Cimișlia are without a doubt the bitumen carriers, consisting in 4 vertical bitumen storage tanks, each with an 80-tonne capacity for a total of 320 tonnes: a high but necessary capacity in this construction site in order to meet production needs. 

The client also appreciated both the technological features of the plant and its respect for the environment and improved working conditions for operators. This last concept was reiterated by the site manager during an interview with a local TV station.

Working conditions have improved and the production process is clean.
The difference is like night and day. The construction site is beautifully clean without so much as a gram of smoke or dust.
Nicolae Buzdugan - site manager
taglio del nastro

Plant inauguration

An interesting report on the opening day, including interviews with the Moldovan Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, the company owner, the site manager and Michele Viroli, area sales director representing Marini.
Production MAX


On the products page of the website you’ll find all the benefits and technical features of this plant, forever considered “reliable and tireless”.

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