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Fayat Group

No. 1 family group in construction and industry in France

Fayat Group

Fayat Group

Founded in 1957, the French Group FAYAT is a major construction and industrial company structured in 7 fields of activity :

- Civil works
- Foundations
- Building
- Energy & Services
- Metal
- Pressure vessels
- Road equipment

FAYAT is not only construction and industry but also production of excellent wines, take a look at Vignobles Fayat, and you will find a Nouvel Era.

FAYAT Group means people, working together and in synergy through 205 independent subsidiaries set up in 170 countries. 21,505 employees playing a daily part in continuing its growth for a turnover of 4.1 billion euros in 2020.
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A history on a human scale

A story on a human scale

Founded by Clément Fayat in 1957, managed by the sons Mr. Jean-Claude Fayat and Mr. Laurent Fayat, the group has become the 4th construction and civil engineering trades group and the first family group in construction and industry in France.
Its design and mechanical manufacture activities make it the only full-liner in road building equipment in the world, no. 1 in compaction (BOMAG GmbH, DYNAPAC)

In both building and industry, FAYAT positioned itself very early on environmental aspects:
- Building High Environmental Quality (HEQ) and positive energy buildings.
- Creating photovoltaic parks and plants.
- Developing eco-innovative equipment: asphalt plants, rollers with eco-mode system, natural-gas sweepers, etc.

Fayat Mixing Plants is present worldwide with its main brands, MARINI, MARINI-ERMONT, SAE and with factories in Europe, China, South America.

FAYAT has been built up on strong values:

  • flèche icone

    autonomy for the companies in the respect of their identity

  • flèche icone

    fulfilling commitments : keeping our promises, managing our projects pragmatically, analyzing uncompromising our performance

  • flèche icone

    audacity : developing an entrepreneur spirit, taking risks In an environment where innovation is picking up pace and where the demands for profitability are rising, Fayat has successfully developed and diversified its business from the outset


Finances of the Group

The strength of the Fayat Group, which is the only full-liner in the road-building world, is based on the complementary relationship of two branches in the world of engineering: the building world and the mechanical world.


Download the brochure with our financial achievements.

  • Fayat Group - 2020 report (pdf, 13.06 MB)