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Im Kalenderjahr 2016 wurden rund 50% des Importwerts von Anlagen für Asphaltmischgut in Argentinien von MARINI Italien geliefert.
Es wurden 13 Anlagen verkauft, von denen 11 vom diskontinuierlichen, transportierbaren Typ, hauptsächlich 
BE TOWER von 120-160 t/h, (Modell, das im Oktober 2015 auf den Markt kam) und 2 mobile Anlagen XPRESS von 200 t/h. Hinzu kommen einige Retrofit-Maßnahmen für weitere zwei Millionen Euro.


Be Tower: the reasons for success

There were several reasons for this success: the technology of the plants and the availability of local service assistance combined with the special relationship which has always existed between Argentina and Italy – around half the Argentinian population has Italian origin.
The boom in sales can undoubtedly be attributed to the BE TOWER, which is ideal both for inner city worksites, due to its compactness, and for worksites where mobility and rapid transfer are required: the plant is erected on metal bases which allow rapid site preparation, without having to lay concrete foundations. The plant’s layout in modules means it can be erected and tested in less than a month (for the first erection) and in just two weeks (on all successive erections). And as well as all this, the BE TOWER is easy to operate and maintain.

All these aspects make the plant extremely attractive to both the entrepreneur and the operator who works in total safety.

CaYSi e Marini, teamwork

Another determining factor is the presence of our Agent CaYSi (head office Oro Verde Entre Rios), who guarantees technical assistance throughout Argentina and provides a highly competent 8-man team – including 4 engineers – quick problem solving and spare parts. In addition, CaYSi team covers all plant erection operations. The personnel have attended various training courses at the Marini training centre and have done site work with Italian technicians.


An interesting anecdote of Dario Schvindt, director of CaYSi: “During a Fair in Rosario, I met a journalist and told him about the Marini range of machinery, explaining with satisfaction how much sales had risen in Argentina, thanks to the economic recovery and the increase in public works launched by the Government. It was only later that I learned that the journalist was from the Ministry of Transport’s Press Office and that he had posted our meeting on Instagram.

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